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About TalashGold

Talash spices has brought to market the delicious taste we are serving to our customers. We are trying our best for providing the best services & quality. Our aim is to give an excellent service to our customers and to keep our prices satisfying that you want to buy without any compromise. There are few things that saturate Indian life so completely as spices. Our spices are rich in flavour, aroma and colour, our products are as appealing in taste as they are in value. Each is perfectly packaged to seal in the pure flavor and freshness of the ingredient, enhancing any meal.

“Talash spice adds

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We also deal in:

  1. Bay Leaf – तेज पत्ता
  2. Black Pepper – काली मिर्च
  3. Small Cardamom – छोटी इलायची
  4. Black Cardamom – काली इलायची
  5. Cinnamon – दालचीनी
  6. Clove – लौंग
  7. Cumin – जीरा
  8. Nutmeg – जायफल
  9. Mace – जावित्री
  10. Star Anise – चक्र फूल
  11. Poppy Seed – पोस्ता,खस-खस

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