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Garam Masala 20gm

Blend of different Spices of different region.


Garam masala is a speciality of India. It is a powdered  spices. It is sprinkled in small quantity, when the dish is nearly ready. It can be used in different types of dishes all over the world. A pinch of garam masala make the dish delicious and tasty.



  1. Bay Leaf – तेज पत्ता
  2. Black Pepper – काली मिर्च
  3. Small Cardamom – छोटी इलायची
  4. Black Cardamom – काली इलायची
  5. Cinnamon – दालचीनी
  6. Clove – लौंग
  7. Cumin – जीरा
  8. Nutmeg – जायफल
  9. Mace – जावित्री
  10. Star Anise – चक्र फूल
  11. Poppy Seed – पोस्ता,खस-खस
  12. Kalpasi – पत्थर के फूल


A pack of 9 small container(डिब्बी). A single container contain 20gm of powdered garam masala.
Also available in 10gm, 40gm.


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