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Khada Garam Masala 200gm

Whole spice(Khada garam masala) collected from different region.


Garam masala is a speciality of India. It can be used in different types of dishes all over the world. We can make powder of it OR we can use it in dishes accordingly.  TalashGold garam masala make the dish delicious and tasty.



  1. Bay Leaf – तेज पत्ता
  2. Black Pepper – काली मिर्च
  3. Small Cardamom – छोटी इलायची
  4. Black Cardamom – काली इलायची
  5. Cinnamon – दालचीनी
  6. Clove – लौंग
  7. Cumin – जीरा
  8. Nutmeg – जायफल
  9. Mace – जावित्री
  10. Star Anise – चक्र फूल
  11. Poppy Seed – पोस्ता,खस-खस
  12. Kalpasi – पत्थर के फूल


A single container contain 200gm of khada garam masala.
Also available in 7gm, 14gm, 20gm, 50gm, 100gm


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